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UX & UI for DeFi Data Marketplace: Nevermined

Creating user flows & intuitive user interfaces for a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) data marketplace

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Nevermined AG, a Web3 company that provides tools to read, write and own your digital assets, came to us to help them design the interface for a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) data marketplace, accompanied by a landing page.

Our process:

As with all our project, we started this with a scoping workshop, in order to define the tasks involved. In this particular case however, we adapted our workshop to be more about featured scoping. By gathering all the possible input from the Nevermined development team, we were able to list all currently available User Stories associated with each feature, as well as start mapping ones for future iterations.

Creating User Stories

As a [user], I want to be able to [do a thing], so that I can [achieve a goal]

MVP User Stories for the Nevermined DeFi Marketplace

First design iteration

We then mapped these User Stories onto our Figma wireframes and proceeded to designing the core screens. In close collaboration with the development team, we drilled down on each key page and ensured we had all the stories covered.

Screenshot of Figma designs for Nevermined, first iteration

As is outlined on our homepage, we lead teams through several design phases — from Discovery to Launch and ultimately to Iterations after launch. With Nevermined, we followed this same process and after the first iteration was developed, we reviewed the work with the client and determined what needed optimizing and which UX flows needed to be designed next.

Screenshot of Figma designs for Nevermined, second iteration

The second iteration included the creation of a landing page (which you can view here) in order to bring clarity to the Nevermined value proposition. Through a series of conversations and short workshops, we determined the benefits, target audience and key features to generate the content and populate the page. We then employed a Sprint-like workflow in order to rapidly design the landing page, swiftly going from low to high fidelity wireframes before adding the branding. Alongside this, we also worked out new UX flows for the marketplace UI, such as the creation of a checkout flow for batch purchases of datasets.

Visit the Nevermined DeFi Marketplace (

Final Result:

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