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Loominate is a Berlin-based creative agency providing marketing & design services to flourishing organizations.

We thrive on projects situated at the intersection of arts, culture & emerging technologies, such as blockchain &  AI.

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Loominate's professional services provide value in four distinct areas:


Looking to validate your communication strategy?

Through targeted customer research and analysis, we help you develop a robust Go-To-Market strategy that gains effective results.
Brand Story & DNA
Market Insights
Product & Service


Shaping, refreshing or expressing your brand?

Adopting a user-centric approach, we deliver highly functional user experiences complemented with beautiful visual design.
Corporate Identity
Web Design


Trying to reach and grow your target audience?

We generate advocacy for your product by co-creating content that cuts through the noise and resonates with your stakeholders.
Communication Strategy
Editorial Copywriting
Event Communication


Looking to increase your client base?

We provide you with the structure to take advantage your lead funnel at every stage of your customer journey.
Lead Generation
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web design & Brand storytelling


Headquartered in Zug Switzerland, Keyko is a decentralized ecosystem builder promoting operational excellence in the application of Web 3 technologies.

Having recently been incorporated, establishing the company's online presence as a funnel for client communication became a time sensitive priority, and Loominate was given one month to build it.
Keyko homepage preview
Keyko logo
Combining inspiration from functional bauhaus design with esthetic elements, such as Japanese textile patterns and 19th Century woodblock paintings, Loominate invites users to think of Keyko as a Dojo, a place to seek technical knowledge, and achieve mastery through discipline, training and cultural transformation.

Corporate identity & communication strategy

Pave Motors

Founded by two brothers, Pave Motors is a mobility company aiming to revolutionize lightweight urban travel through breakthrough design innovation and decentralized technology.

Before launching its flagship product, Pave Motors approached Loominate with the challenge of developing the company's website design, content and tone of voice.
pave motors homepage
speed bike icon
Loominate and Pave Motors co-created personas and developed use cases for the Pave Bike, thus generating user-relevant product nomenclature and website language.

Having developed a unique visual identity through an enhanced logo, customized icons and bold colors, Pave Motors is one step closer to launch.
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Meet the founding team

Portrait of Jesse Steele

Jesse Steele

Marketing & brand Strategy

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Patrick Caire


Portrait of Zeff Sherriff

Zeff Sherriff

Digital marketing

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