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Stop wasting time & money on untested ideas.

Validate novel product concepts through collaborative design sprints
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What brings you here?

I'm designing a digital product

such as a landing page, mobile application or dApp

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Product Design

5 day sprint

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Launch a new product or service
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Add features to an existing product
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Experiment with greenfield product innovation, i.e. AI, Blockchain
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Improve a service or experience
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I'm creating or revamping a brand

for a project, an organisation, or a product

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Brand Story

5 day sprint

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Create a new brand
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Revamp an existing brand
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Establish a unique visual identity
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Define clear messaging guidelines
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We help entrepreneurs
design future-proof products

Loominate is a Berlin-based creative agency established in 2019. We work on projects situated at the intersection of arts, culture & emerging technologies.

Years of Experience
Satisfied Clients
Workshops Facilitated

What our clients have said about working with us

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"Loominate’s concept workshops are really good, they’re a great starting point and an integral part of our projects together. We’ve done these workshops on 4–5 different projects now, and it helps merge that joint vision."

"Loominate worked closely with us to understand our vision and to turn our ideas into a compelling brand story and visual identity, which helps us stand out clearly from the competition."

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"We had used Loominate to revise and update our website. They are well versed in facilitation skills and mastered solid processes to get groups to brainstorm and reach alignement. We felt their understanding allowed them to create similar processes for our training programs."

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“We had an amazing workshop with Loominate. The team worked online via “Miro”, was highly involved, and came up with project-changing ideas. We ended up with a clear mission, a high motivation towards our project, and were aligned in our goals.”

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Fill out our onboarding questionnaire by clicking on the "get started" button to let us know what you're working on.

Once finished, we can get to work on a proposal, with more information about our process & methodology.

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Discover our sprint methodology, timeline, checklist & pricing.

In the meantime, feel free to schedule a call with us to go ask any questions you may have

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Once you've reviewed and signed our proposal and assembled your sprint team, we schedule the interactive workshops & meetings.

We ask for a 50% upfront deposit to lock in your dates and get started.

Our collaborative branding
& product design process

  • Explore new ideas & innovative technologies
  • Brainstorm new products & experiences
  • Understand & empathise with potential users
  • Discover your brand's unique story & DNA


Empowering your team to explore bold ideas is the first step to giving them shape and form


Designing intuitive digital experiences and user interfaces creates value for users and helps you stand out from the competition

  • Develop a unique visual identity
  • Create an epic website or landing page
  • Build an interactive prototype
  • Design a novel digital experience


Building an active and engaged community that shares your vision is a fundamental part of a successful launch

  • Implement a marketing campaign
  • Generate a content plan with substance
  • Create a social media strategy
  • Build a loyal community of fans & users


Validating, optimising and refining your product according to feedback & lessons learned is the key to happy users

  • Test & validate your prototype
  • Optimize & refine your MVP
  • Scope out relevant product features
  • Conduct a project retrospective

We'd love to collaborate!

Let us know what you're working on

Have some more questions?

Here's what people often ask us...

What design challenges do you tackle?

Loominate helps teams tackle design challenges in a variety of areas, including digital product prototyping, visual brand identity, website creation, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) design, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) design, community building and storytelling,

What is your working methodology?

Our approach to design is inspired from Google Ventures' design sprint methodology, and relies on co-creation and iterative design principles. We begin with an interactive workshop to determine what you'd like to create, and then follow a tried & tested process with your team to deliver bespoke brand and/or product designs.

What is your experience with Web3?

We've designed experiences build on top of Web3 networks, platforms & metaverses such as Ethereum, Tezos, Polygon, Near, Celo, MXC, Boson Protocol, Crytovoxels, Musee Dezentral, Monaverse, Mintbase, and more...

Is your design process collaborative?

Leveraging design thinking methodologies and experiential learning techniques, we facilitate collaborative workshop to ensure your team's involvement at every step of the design process. No design decisions are implemented without input from your team and approval from your decision makers.

What digital tools do you work with?

We use a combination of software to facilitate our collaboration & creative process, these include Miro for workshop facilitation, Figma for prototype design, Webflow for web development.

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