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Loominate was started by three friends on a mission to help businesses stand out from the crowd.

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Portrait of the Loominate Co-Founding team

Tell your story,
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From design thinking to experiential learning, we draw on diverse disciplines to tackle communication and marketing challenges.

We believe that building authentic brands relies on culturally relevant storytelling.

operational worldwide

Loominate is comprised of creative and tech savvy professionals working across Europe and the Americas.

We pride ourselves in our ability to create agile, flexible and remote teams to adapt to your needs.

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Meet the founding team

Portrait of Jesse Steele

Jesse Steele


Jesse Steele is a seasoned marketer with experience leading branding strategy and product development initiatives for large corporations and SMEs alike. 

As former Marketing Director for a Berlin based tech startup, Jesse has helped build up communication cultures from scratch, whilst establishing robust marketing funnels.

Equipped with a passion for creative storytelling and facilitation, he has generated value for international brands such as Budweiser, Allianz, Richemont and Nestle Health Sciences,Siemens and Deutsche Bahn. 

He speaks 5 languages and holds an M.Sc. in Marketing & Creativity from ESCP Europe Business School as well as a B.A. in Political Science and International Development from McGill University.
Portrait of Patrick Caire

Patrick Caire


Patrick Caire is a graphic and UX designer whose work is driven by an empathic approach to the creative process and a strong sense of ethical integrity.

With a penchant for projects that occupy the intersection between music and design, Patrick has also applied his design skills to various industries such as education, gastronomy and the arts. 

With several years of agency experience under his belt, he also speaks fluent English, French and German. 

Originally from Montpellier, he has studied Visual Communication & Graphic Design at HMKW in Berlin, as well as Political Science at Mcgill University, in Montreal. 
Portrait of Zeff Sherriff

Zeff Sherriff


Zeff is an avid entrepreneur and an autodidact product marketing specialist with an appetite for creative thinking. 

He has previously consulted companies such as Southern-Rail and The Data Science Retreat, helping them to develop SEO and Digital Marketing initiatives.

In 2016, Zeff Co-founded a career-change platform business, where he led a team of 6 in developing the product and executing the go-to-market strategy. With several years of experience in the tech sector, his recent work has focused on decentralised systems such as blockchain networks. 

Zeff holds a Diploma in Maths From Brighton University International College and a degree in Community Arts from Essex University.

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Promoting constructive dialogue
Generating positive societal change
Working eye to eye with clients and partners
Operating with awareness of our environmental impact
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