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Relaunching a brand & website for a Blockchain IoT Network: MXC Foundation

Leading the brand redesign and website creation for a decentralized IoT network

Web Design


MXC (Meta x Connect) is the foundation behind MatchX — MatchX develops a wide range of products, such as the M2 Pro Miner, operating on the Blockchain, right through to industrial Gateways, development kits and sensor core chips. MXC builds decentralized networks to assist scalable commercial and Smart City IoT projects.

We were tasked by the MXC team to rebrand the foundations’ Corporate Identity, as well as its website 

Our process:

Discovering the Brand

When faced with such a large rebrand effort at Loominate we always take the time to address the core principles of the brand in question — the How, What and Why. Our Brand Discovery workshop gets the team thinking about the 20 year vision, their positioning in the competitive landscape and touches on brand visual attributes and associations.

Screenshot of Discovery Workshop on Miro

The discoveries we made during this phase were twofold: 

  1. Firstly, we were informed of the future MXC roadmap, which includes expansion of their decentralized IoT network into the Metaverse. 
  2. Secondly, the team imparted on us their love for Sci-Fi worlds, blurring the boundaries between CyberPunk and Vaporwave aesthetics.

Defining the style

With the previous workshop conclusions in mind, we created several StyleScapes based on Vaporwave, CyberPunk and Futuristic aesthetics, for the MXC team to choose a visual direction to focus on:

Screenshot of brand Stylescapes

The logo, or tip of the iceberg, we first infused with this Vaporwave style, where we explored many different ideas bridging minimalism, the MXC-relevant hexagon shape and finding the suiting variation in gradients.

Settling with an in-house logo sketch from the MXC team, Loominate took this tip and designed the rest of the iceberg: a style guide to dictate the Corporate Design across all touch-points, and a 7 page website with blog and knowledge base.

Redesigning the website

At Loominate, our web design process can be broadly divided into four phases: Content, Wireframing, Designing and Development. As with any client, at every stage of this process we are co-creating with the team — generating content together, adapting low-fidelity wireframes and iterating on the feedback provided on designs. 

Screenshot of Content Workshop with MXC

Once the Figma designs are approved we move into development and provide a staging environment for further feedback on web animations and so on. In this particular case we were happy to collaborate again with our Webflow development partner Webnomads.

Screenshot of Figma designs of

Visit the live website by following this link.

Final Result:

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