Case Study

Creating state-of-the-art pedagogical tools for a global learning program

Helping managers develop the abilities to lead teams and innovate while working remotely

Design Thinking
Workshop Design


We were hired by a client to create state-of-the-art pedagogical tools for their global learning program. The goal was to help managers reflect on the management skills required to lead teams, manage performance, and innovate while working in a remote or hybrid environment. The programs needed to be engaging and expose participants to the challenge of brainstorming and innovating while operating remotely.

The client had previously worked with us to revise and update their website, and they were impressed by our facilitation skills and our ability to get groups to brainstorm and reach alignment. We were selected to create the pedagogical tools for the training program, and we used Mural and elements from Design Thinking, such as personas and empathy maps, to design the activities.


We were briefed on the content of the workshop and the models and concepts to be used. We clarified the needs for three pedagogical tools, including learning objectives and content. We designed the activities and presented several prototypes using Mural and Miro, allowing the client to review and give feedback on the flow of the activities. After reviewing, we opted to use Mural instead of Miro, as per the client's request. We finalised the touch and feel of the boards, beta tested them, and piloted them with participants. Our project manager was present during the pilots to improve and adjust the tools as needed.

Our team consisted of a project manager, who acted as the main point of contact, and a designer. We attended every review meeting, and the designer worked closely with the client to improve the touch and feel of the boards. The programs were successful and received a very high Net Promoter Score (NPS). The client rolled out the programs in over 30 countries, and we supported them in translating and adapting the tool to other platforms such as Klaxoon and Miro. As a result of the successful collaboration, we were asked to design activities for other events with the same client.

We set the project timeline early on and held weekly meetings with the client on Zoom or Google Meet. We shared documents on Google Docs to ensure effective communication and collaboration. We took pride in creating the most aesthetic Mural board our client had ever seen. It inspired them to better prepare their brainstorming and idea generation sessions. Although we had three pilots coming up in a short time frame, we met all deadlines as expected. We challenged the client constructively and appreciated the time they took to conceive the products before moving to production.


Overall, we are proud of the work we did with the client and are grateful for their positive feedback. We continue to strive for excellence in all our projects and look forward to future collaborations with this client and others.

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