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Brand Identity creation & website launch for Web3 joint venture: Chikai

Discovering the brand identity, designing a logo and creating a website for a Web3 joint venture

Web Design

At Loominate, we had the pleasure of working with Keyko and NEAR Protocol to create an impressive brand identity and website for their Web3 joint venture, Chikai. Our goal was to develop a brand that spoke to developers and software engineers in the Web3 space and could be easily applied to their work with NEAR Protocol.

Discovering the brand

Firstly, we conducted thorough research into existing projects in the industry, including Ethereum, to gain a better understanding of how to approach branding for Chikai. We then worked closely with the CTO and Lead Engineer to understand their passion for Web3 technology and their desire to work on decentralized products, and sometimes play video games.

Screenshot of Scoping Workshop Miro board

Designing the brand & website

As we were creating a brand from scratch, we needed to get the essentials right, so we took the team through our Branding Sprint workshop series. This allowed us to discover the brand’s key components, such as its mission, values, personality… but also define the core visual elements, such as designing the logo and the Look & Feel of the brand.

Brand & Website moodboard screenshot

Additionally, our team designed a visually striking 2 page website, reminiscent of the space video games like old Star Wars or Space Invaders. Incorporating 8-bit pixel icons and a retro avatar generator for team members, we tried to enstill the narrative of being together in a space-ship usurping the big boss of centralization and flying off into the decentralized future, together. To be sure, the name Chikai means "to be with" in Japanese and reflects our desire to bring people together in this new era. 

Finally, we also created a memorable logo that would be easily recognizable and set Chikai apart from other Web3 projects.


Thanks to our efforts, Chikai's brand was able to make a significant impact in the Web3 space. The logo and website design helped to establish credibility and showcase the company's serious commitment to creating an inclusive ecosystem for dApp developers, users, and investors.

We are proud to have contributed to the birth of Chikai and the NEAR Protocol and Keyko project. Our team's dedication to creating a unique and memorable brand identity has become an integral part of the story of this successful Web3 joint venture.

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