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Why book an MVP workshop?

Identify Features & Benefits

We provide an effective process to help your team in prioritizing the core features for your product

Develop a Prototype

From sketching designs to creating wireframes, we provide you with a creative environment to test out ideas

Prepare to Test & Launch

Our workshop ensures that you have all sides covered so that you are ready for user testing

What's covered in an MVP workshop?

  • Align on the basics by formulating SMART Objectives
  • Identify the people that matter through a Stakeholder Analysis
  • Discover the people behind your target audience by generating User personas
  • Formulate a clear Value Proposition statement for your audience
  • Identify the Roles and Responsibilities within your team
  • Visualise a User Journey as they interact with your solution
  • Define the benefits and ensure the most impactful Features make it in the MVP
  • Describe your users' interactions, from their perspective by creating User Stories
  • Visualize the project Roadmap from ideation to build
  • Visually structure content across your interface by Wireframing
  • Benchmark the competition to make sure you stand out


  • MVP Roadmap
  • Workshop Summary
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    Case Study

    How we helped a team envision an exclusive music marketplace

    The team behind this project is a unique combination of music industry veterans, Web3 developers and many artists, which we were excited to support in defining the MVP of this product with.

    Read this case study

    What our clients say

    “We had an amazing workshop with Loominate. The team worked online via “Miro”, was highly involved, and came up with project-changing ideas. We ended up with a clear mission, a high motivation towards our project, and were aligned in our goals.”

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