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Our workshop types:

2-3 hrs
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Why do an Innovation Workshop?

Generate Innovative Ideas

Our innovation workshops are designed to uncover your team's most brilliant ideas and explore how to bring them to life

Align Your Team

By giving everyone a chance to contribute, our workshops help your team  reach consensus around business or design ideas

Create an Action plan

Our agile approach to innovation allow teams to quickly develop an action plan for implementing complex or innovative concepts

What's covered in an innovation workshop?

  • Align on the basics by formulating SMART Objectives
  • Gather information about your customers using an Empathy Map
  • Identify the people that matter through a Stakeholder Analysis
  • Understand, define and prioritise business need by Problem Framing
  • Bring out creative ideas through Brainstorming techniques
  • Create a visual representation of user interactions through Storyboarding


  • Innovation Brief
  • Workshop Summary
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    Case Study

    Envisioning an NFT space in a music festival

    Find out how we supported an ambitious team in realising their goal in bringing artists in contact with blockchain technology to create an immersive virtual experience for festival goers.

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    What our clients say

    “We had an amazing workshop with Loominate. The team worked online via “Miro”, was highly involved, and came up with project-changing ideas. We ended up with a clear mission, a high motivation towards our project, and were aligned in our goals.”

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    Bring clarity and action to your best ideas...

    Utilising frameworks inspired from design thinking, we take you and your team through a structured approach to idea generation.

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    MVP workshop

    Take your product from concept to roadmap

    Our product workshops provide the perfect framework for you to define your features and prepare for development stage.

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    Branding workshop

    Create a brand that endures

    Build your brand on the foundation of a strong strategy, a captivating story and an impactful mission.

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    Communication workshop

    Drive customer engagement with compelling content

    Our content and communication workshop takes your team through and SEO-driven, inbound-focused and collaborative content development process

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