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Our workshop types:

3 - 6
2-3 days
Online / Offline
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Why do a Communication Workshop?

Generate an effective
communication strategy

Devise a concrete plan and editorial calendar to support in the creation and publication of your content

Ideate meaningful content
that speaks to your community

Learn to speak the language of your customers and take your content to the next level

Convert leads through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Identify the keywords that your target audience are using to drive traffic and boost your inbound leads

What's covered in a communication workshop ?

  • Align on the basics by formulating SMART Objectives
  • Create targeted messaging by identifying your Target Audience
  • Formulate a clear Value Proposition that resonates with your audience
  • Define a unique Brand Personality and Tone of Voice to help your content cut through the noise
  • Reach your audience where they spend time by choosing the appropriate Content Distribution Channels
  • Connect with followers by identifying relevant Topics & Key Messages
  • Establish a consistent Style & Nomenclature to be applied across your communications
  • Generate a Content Plan to help structure your messaging
  • Explore ways to measure progress through Tracking & Analytics
  • Brainstorm ideas for an upcoming Marketing Campaign


  • Concept Brief
  • Workshop Summary
  • Language guide
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    Case Study

    Creating a unique positioning for the launch of Alsharq Digital's new website

    Find out how we supported an ambitious team in realising their goal in bringing artists in contact with blockchain technology to create an immersive virtual experience for festival goers.

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    What our clients say

    “Loominate was key to develop high quality writing and content for our website. Their consultants took the time to understand our products and us as a company. Without them and their help developing a language guide and website structure, we wouldn't have been able to channel our ideas into the clear, well-structured and SEO-friendly writing our website has now.”

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    Bring clarity and action to your best ideas...

    Utilising frameworks inspired from design thinking, we take you and your team through a structured approach to idea generation.

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    Communication workshop

    Drive customer engagement with compelling content

    Our content and communication workshop takes your team through and SEO-driven, inbound-focused and collaborative content development process

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