Create a brand that stands the test of time

Our workshop types:

3 - 6
Half Day
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Why do a Branding Workshop?

Discover your
Brand DNA

Through our inclusive working methodology we help align your team behind a solid vision and mission

Develop a striking
visual identity

Establish a unique style and personality that will elevate your brand

Cut through
the noise

Stand out from the crowd by positioning yourself strategically within your competitive landscape

What's covered in a branding workshop?

  • Define your organization's purpose by answering the What, Why and How
  • Converge on a long-terml Vision to ground your team and act as your north star
  • Formulate a clear Value Proposition statement that your audience can relate to
  • Stand out from the crowd with a uniqueBrand Personality and Tone of Voice
  • Stand out from the crowd by conducting a Competitor Benchmarking
  • Identify the people that matter most by conducting a Stakeholder Analysis
  • Define a Brand Promise that stands the test of time
  • Discover the Symbols and Archetypes associated with your brand


  • Brand Guide
  • Mood Board
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    Case Study

    Creating the image for an ambitious Web 3.0 powerhouse

    Combining inspiration from functional bauhaus design with aesthetic elements, such as Japanese textile patterns and 19th Century woodblock paintings, Loominate invites users to think of Keyko as a Dojo, a place to seek technical knowledge, and achieve mastery through discipline, training and cultural transformation.

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    What our clients say

    “When we founded Keyko, we knew that part of our success would hinge on our ability to create a unique and captivating identity - Loominate worked closely with us to understand our vision and to turn our ideas into a compelling brand story and visual identity, which helps us stand out clearly from the competition.”

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